Fryeburg Assembly of God

    Dave and Ashley Albert

Dave was born and raised in southern New Jersey. He gave his life to God at a young age and was called into full time youth ministry in high school. With his brother as his pastor, he was involved in kids camp, youth ministries, worship and outreaches. Dave continue his education at FST, where he met his wife as of July 7,2007. He then taught in a christian school for 3 years until they moved to Fryeburg in 2009. They became the youth pastor. He became the worship leader soon after. He has recently recieve his BA in Theology through Northpoint. 


Ashley was born and raised near Kansas City, Missouri. She was raised in church although her parents did not attend. She gave her life to God as a child. She knew from a young age she could never do anything other then minstry with her life. Although everything around her tryed to pushed her away from God, she went to FST. After graduation, she worked for a year for her brother in law's church and two years in a christiain school. After the birth of their son in 2012, she is currently a stay at home mom who works for as a volunteer Fryeburg Assembly where needed. She has recently recieved her BA in Theology through FST.






Resources for Ministering to Youth