Fryeburg Assembly of God

Meet Our Staff!



Lead Pastor

David & Lucy Reed 

Rev David and Lucy Reed have been our Sr Pastors since September 30, 2012. Rev. David grew up in the Northern Maine, and Lucy right in the Fryeburg area. They attended Zion Bible College in Rhode Island.

With a "heart of child" themselves; Rev. David and Lucy have revolutionized our church reaching out to "kids" of all ages. They have been apart of children's crusades in the early part of their ministry. We, as a church, have seen the evidence of this in the church with awesome puppet shows that they have performed during kids sunday services.

Rev David and Lucy treat church members as more than just people, but as family. This is evident in the way that they are teaching the church to treat and love their community.

Rev David and Lucy have a heart for our community and people in it. 


Youth Pastors/Worship Leader

Dave & Ashley Albert 

Dave and Ashley Albert have been the youth pastors/worship leader at Fryeburg Assembly since August 2009. Dave grew up in South Jersey. While Ashley in northwest Missouri. They of attending Faith School of Theology. 

There is no doubt that the Alberts have a love for young people and want to see this young generation learn how to cultivate a lasting relationship with Jesus Christ. They loves to have fun with the teens while also decipling and teaching them to stand on their own in a world where they are told God is Dead. They understand that every teen comes from different backgrounds and beliefs, but wants to show them that there is a God who loves and cares for them.

In a world where there seems to be no truth and no hope, there is a living God. The teens at the church love these guys and their son Isaiah. 


 Pastor Coach

Mike & Janice Mendonca

Michael grew up in a military family (born in Bangor, Maine), residing in many parnts of the country. After high school, he served 12 years active duty Air Force military, traveling overseas. He married a wonderful Chrisian woman, named Janice; and they have four adult children and seven grandchildren. His secular passions, education and professions invludine: 38 years competive endurance athlete; undergraduate degree in behavior sciences, minor in history; 26 years in the profession of health wellness, including adjunct college professor and wellnedd director. During these yound adult years of his life he coached middle school to college level cross country running and Nordic skiing. Entering into this later adult life years, he became a physical education teacher to a Christian school, served six years as a municipal recreation director, and was elceted as a selectman to a small rural town in Maine. His professional membership include: the American College of Sports Medicine as a Certified Health and Fitness Specialist; and the USA Triathlon Federation as a competitive adult triathlete.

Called to minstry in 2005, Michael became a certified  coach minister for the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, facilitating a weekly bible study amongst junior high/high school students. To further his own spiritual growth, Michael entered seminary, and upon completion, earned his MA in Christian Leadership from Liberty University, Lynchburg, VA on March 7, 2014. He then became an ordained and licensed pastor through his primary mentoring church, Church of Viera, Viera Florida, March 22, 2014; and presently, he and Janice are serving as Christian Leaders in Fryeburg-Stow area in Maine. Seeking a church that is fruiful according to all the functions biblically described by Christ Jesus, the Mendonca's became members of the Fryeburg Assembly of God in the summer of 2014. Michael and Janica continuousely pray that they remain faithful and obedient to Christ's last words (Mat 28:18-20), at being effective disciples and plugged into a strong body of believers, loving the Lord and loving others.

 Children's Leader

Lois Scott 



 Snow Bird Pastors

David & Sue Worster 




Carol Mack 

 Carol is born and raised right here, in Fryeburg. Her young family started coming to church in 1983 and then got involed in NLCA in 1985, where all her children graduated from. She was "drafted" into becoming the secretary in 1993, when she saw a need and agreed to fill it. Carol and her husband were married just over 35 years, before he passed. She is blessed as a grandmother of 15 children with one on the way. 


Articles & Resources for Church Workers

  • Starting a Greeter Program
    Four years ago I accepted the challenge of evangelism chairperson for our church. One of the first programs the pastor and I developed was the Sunday morning greeter program.
  • Motivating the Right Person into the Right Ministry
    One of the greatest challenges for most leaders is selecting and motivating the right people into the right ministry positions in hopes of minimizing turnover and frustration. Even in the smaller church with limited personnel, it is important to coordinate people and ministry as much as possible.
    “I tried, but no one ever called me” are painful words for a leader who has much work to do and not enough people willing to do it. These words are painful for the person who wanted to contribute, but was never called. These are also painful words for a person who is committed to helping people connect and contribute in meaningful ways within the church.